Rocky Mountain Forest Products
Shane Hoefer


Rocky Mountain Forest Products (RMFP) is Denver’s lumber choice for fencing, decking, siding and more! RMFP is a wholesale lumber yard that has served over 1 million customers in the last 47 years. This accomplishment is due to their singular mission:

To provide better service and better quality than any of their competitors.

RMFP has achieved this by building relationships with over 2,500 contractors that are deeply nestled into the consumer market, working with hundreds of homeowners and DIY’ers who want quality products at a price that works for them. RMFP purchases their lumber and other building materials directly from the top lumber mills and stone quarries throughout the globe. This allows them to bring excellent quality at an affordable price to their customers.


With locations in Denver and Colorado Springs, RMFP is family owned and run for almost 50 years. Its founder, Dennis Hoefer, ran the business himself for many years before passing it on to his son and current CEO, Shane Hoefer. For years, RMFP has had members of the family dedicated to providing the best service and supplying the highest quality of products. And it’s RMFP’s mission to make both their employees and customers feel like part of the family.

They remove the middle man in the lumber-buying process, sourcing their products directly from lumber mills and quarries and selling them directly to contractors, who can then pass the savings on to homeowners. Rocky Mountain Forest Products is deeply invested in the Colorado construction industry, having served millions of customers in the state. They disrupted the typical lumber-buying process by offering wholesale prices to the public. In addition to great deals, the company offers a number of products that are hard to find from different suppliers, including exotic woods, unique finishes, and customized millwork. Whether you’re in need of decking, fencing, siding, reclaimed materials, or even natural stone, Rocky Mountain Forest Products has got you covered!

Shane Hoefer

RMFP has seen a significant amount of success and growth in recent years, largely due to the leadership of Shane Hoefer. Many companies in the blue collar industries focus too heavily on the bottom line that they forget to ensure their employees are enjoying their job and that customers are truly satisfied. Shane relaxed policies and modified the work ecosystem to meet the needs and wants of his staff. Listening to employees and customers can go a long way in terms of long term success, and that has clearly been vindicated thus far.

In 2015, RMFP did $12 million in revenue. In 2020, they did over $36 million. The growth is astronomical. By investing in its people and establishing the human element in their blue collar environment, RMFP was able to take their company to the next level financially and ideologically. Shifting the philosophy of the industry to take the human element, and more empathetic side of business into account, has boosted company morale, sales, and overall satisfaction tremendously.


Rocky Mountain Forest Products continues to break records and provide their customers with top tier materials that won’t break the bank. They’re known for their friendly service and effortless buying process, and guarantee quality at every step of the way. RMFP has changed the game in the building materials industry and will continue to expand beyond their blue collar niche in the decades to come.

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