Shane Hoefer Announces Launch of Personal Brand

DENVER, Colo. — Shane Hoefer, CEO of Rocky Mountain Forest Products (RMFP), has announced the launch of his own personal brand. As a leader in the building materials industry, Hoefer has paved the way to success for many blue collar industry members and has continually served as an inspiration for a better way to do […]
Shane Hoefer

Written By Shane Hoefer

On February 19, 2021

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DENVER, Colo. — Shane Hoefer, CEO of Rocky Mountain Forest Products (RMFP), has announced the launch of his own personal brand. As a leader in the building materials industry, Hoefer has paved the way to success for many blue collar industry members and has continually served as an inspiration for a better way to do business. Beyond his enormous success at RMFP, Hoefer aspires to change the way other leaders in this industry think and, ultimately, bring the human element back to the blue collar industry. 


Hoefer is creating a platform that will allow him to share his ethos and his experience implementing it with the world. He’s made it his mission to help other business owners and individuals in the industry understand his ideology and how to effectively apply it to their own companies. Given the success of RMFP since Hoefer became CEO, his methodology and overall philosophy for conducting business are certainly notable and worth sharing with other industry leaders hoping to achieve the same. With that, Hoefer and his team are excited to announce the launch of a brand that will impact lives across the world and help the industry evolve to a better place to conduct business.


Hoefer and his team will be launching Blue Collar Blueprint, a vlog and podcast devoted to spreading Hoefer’s philosophy with leaders and other industry members. He aims to give his viewers a behind the scene look at RMFP and how he got it to where it is today. Hoefer plans to show the world how his company evolved from a rigid, top-down environment to a more inclusive and collaborative workplace. He’ll be revealing the people, ideas, books, and concepts that inspired him along the way and that eventually helped him to form the backbone of his new corporate culture.


Follow along with Hoefer as he meets people from all corners of the building materials industry and beyond. From the owners of newly launched contracting companies to executives of some of the largest corporations in building materials, Hoefer plans to have open conversations regarding the methodology for taking their industry boldly into the future. Blue Collar Blueprint will cover an extensive range of topics from successfully integrating millennials and Gen-Z into an often old-school industry to discussing how e-commerce and companies like Amazon could influence the way building materials will be sold and distributed in the future. 


Hoefer believes that many blue collar industries stand at the brink of great change, and he wishes to be a part of the monumental revolution. In order for the industry to change, he is eager to start collaborating, sharing ideas, and working alongside those in his field like he never has before. Blue Collar Blueprint will bring viewers on the journey from transforming RMFP to transforming the entire industry and the thought processes that drive it. 


In addition to Blue Collar Blueprint, Hoefer has announced that he can now be hired to speak at events such as workshops, trade shows, seminars, conferences, podcasts, and anything in-between. Through these speeches, Hoefer will offer motivation and inspiring guidance for teams in the industry to become empowered to do business differently. He will provide a mental reset, new perspective on the game of business, and insight into his own secrets to success.


With his decades of experience as a leader and mentor in the building materials community, Hoefer has a wealth of knowledge to share with the world. He hopes to affect the lives of millions while changing the way the blue collar industry operates. Bringing the human element back into business is Hoefer’s mission, and he is thrilled to provide the tools necessary to accomplish a greater company morale, higher customer satisfaction, and improved revenue as a result. 


Beyond Hoefer’s announcement to speak at events, he also now offers one-on-one mentorship sessions for industry leaders or other individuals seeking guidance for conducting business. Hoefer aims to ensure that valuable employees are continuously learning and evolving their skills to fit the needs of the industry. He wants his mentees to hone in on leadership dexterity and keep their staff updated on advantageous techniques and competency within their fields of expertise. Hoefer will assist leaders with essential steps to success and ensuring their employees are passionate and accomplished while driving organizational achievement for the company.


Hoefer will expand leaders’ thought processes and help them to dig deep empathetically in order to connect with people on a more meaningful level. He wants his mentees to bring out the best of those who they work alongside and see them flourish. This new way of doing business will excite and encourage leaders to change the way they conduct operations. Hoefer will inspire confidence and happiness, creating a more pleasant and productive workplace for staff and every customer that walks through their door.


In these mentorship sessions, Hoefer will inspire leaders to run their businesses differently. To run them in a way that gives their people a voice, a sense of accomplishment, feelings of worthy contribution, and in a way that has heart and makes their people feel valued. He wants to bring the human element back to business, and is eager to provide industry leaders and their companies with the tools necessary to do so. 


Lastly, Hoefer has also announced that he will host Masterminds with industry leaders and anyone else in search of guidance to doing business differently. These Masterminds will take place in various locations throughout the country a few times a year with select leaders and individuals seeking specific advice and instruction for improving their businesses. Masterminds are all-inclusive, multi-day events that will serve as informational boot camps for those aspiring to learn from the successes of Hoefer. These trips are ideal for those in the blue collar industry hoping to gain insight and valuable advice from one of the top CEOs in the industry. In addition to expanding leaders’ thoughts and inspiring confidence to evolve their industry, Hoefer hopes that attendees of Masterminds can create meaningful connections with one another and act as confidants heading into this new age. 

In every aspect of the professional workplace, it’s always beneficial to stay ahead of the game. More than ever, blue collar companies are seeking guidance from top industry leaders to help steer their operations in the right direction for the future. A Mastermind with Hoefer will introduce new and challenging development opportunities, stimulate boldness in leaders and employees to perform at their highest potential, and coach individuals to dream big while providing the steps on how to successfully achieve those goals along the way. 


The results of Hoefer’s ethos implemented in the blue collar workplace speak for themselves. With so much success in such a short amount of time, Hoefer’s ideology is certainly something worth considering. He wants to help individuals get from where they are now to where they hope to be with a few small changes along the way. Hoefer will work closely with leaders to develop the skills needed for success, uncover the importance of a people-first culture approach, and offer his two cents on how to improve overall operations. In all aspects of Hoefer’s mentorship, he will provide the tools necessary for companies to stay healthy, relevant, and differentiated in a rapidly changing industry. 


While inspiring his workforce with his tireless work ethic and expertise in the industry, Hoefer always leads with empathy and positivity. Even in a sector that can sometimes move slower than others, Hoefer stresses the importance of innovation and intuition in the face of a changing world. His mission is to use his lifelong experience to improve countless peoples’ lives in similar industries. 


The launch of Shane Hoefer’s personal brand will inspire confidence around the globe for leaders to think differently and evolve their ways of doing business. Hoefer has led the way to success for many forward-thinking individuals and is thrilled to provide an outlet for those hoping to achieve the same. This brand will serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for blue collar industry leaders to attain their goals and build meaningful relationships with their employees and customers. This new way of doing business has proven enormously successful at RMFP and Hoefer is eager to share his insight with the world.

Blue Collar Blueprint with Shane Hoefer